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ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) • EOS (Electrical Overstress) • EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference)
Antistatic • Conductive • Dissipative


The Channel Partner for Market Leaders in our Industry, including:
Static Control Awareness Seminars

What do grounding wrist straps & footwear actually do & how effective are they? What materials to use, or not? How to set up an EPA (ESD Protected Area) or other static control environments? How do we test this equipment and space? What do Ionisers do? When is "antistatic" not good enough? And more …

Our Static Control Awareness Seminars, which can be tailored, offer practical demonstrations & information that helps to clarify why Static Control is important.

Bimos ESD Chairs
Made in Germany, Bimos ESD / Antistatic Chairs are groundable, robust and comfortable.
They have been manufactured in a way that meets Static Control Standards such as IEC 61340-5-1 & ANSI/ESD S20.20.
With options of fabric & synthetic leather, they are available in 120kg body weight as standard, while the BS160 caters for up to 160kg, still maintaining its groundable static control properties.
Static Control Floor Testing
Do you have a Static Control Floor / ESD Floor / Static Safe Floor / "Antistatic" Floor, albeit vinyl, rubber, carpet, paint or resin?
Is it actually antistatic/low charging &/or groundable, i.e. conductive or dissipative?
Wouldn't you like to know?
IEC61340 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 have standards & procedures that enable us to test & report on Resistance-to-Ground (Ohms) with statistical data (IEC61340-4-1 & STM7.1) and HBM (Hunan Body Model) Tribocharge Effect Walk Test (V) with graph and average peaks (IEC61340-4-5 & STM97.2).
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Fully groundable modular tiles, DIY install without glue
Loose-laid Static Control flooring.
A fantastic solution to the problem of having to install an 'ESD' floor in an area that is only a temporary location or "overlooked".
Install directly on top of carpet, vinyl, concrete ... pretty much whatever.
Usually, there’s no need to grind, lift vinyl or tiles and as long as the sub-floor is flat, sound & dry, you’re good to go ... when it’s time to move, just take them with you.
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33% - 50% off Swiss made, precision hand-tools that are made to perform as you want.
Cutters with static safe antistatic / dissipative handles ... standard and ergo style grips.
Tweezers with and without antistatic / dissipative ergo foam grips, all with points, round, synthetic, wafer or stripping tips.
Also, as well as flat, half-round & round pliers, there are wire strippers, crop (fixed & adjustable height), leg form & straightening and DIL removal tools.
Controlling particulate contamination is essential for maximising yield, quality and profit in the life science manufacturing industry. Failing to control electrostatic forces in cleanrooms can lead to particulate contamination and electrostatic discharge. Common issues include faulty product, reduced yield, down time, errors, rework, increase in warranty claims, etc.