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Static Awareness Training Seminars

Having correct Static Control materials, equipment and procedures will minimize your company’s costs, due to static damage, but only if your employees understand how & why Static Control materials & equipment should be used, what they do and what they don’t do.

We have 2 levels of Static Awareness Training Seminars, which will enhance your employees’ understanding of “Static” Electricity, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), how to minimize or control their effects and so called “static safe” materials.

The Intermediate Level is recommended for everyone who is responsible for, handles or purchases ESD Sensitive (ESDS) Devices or materials as an introduction or refresher course. The session lasts for approximately 2 hours, including a short break, and benefits from a PowerPoint Presentation, extensive use of ”hands on” practical demonstrations with industry specific equipment, discussion and finishing with a short multiple-choice questionnaire. In order to ensure interactive and effective sessions, we have found that groups of 10-15 people work well.


  • Why is "Static" a problem in Electronics?
  • "Catastrophic" & "Latent" damage?
  • Why Bond to Earth or "Common Ground"?
  • What does a Wrist / Foot Strap do?
  • How & why test them? 

Materials & Handling

  • What is Antistatic?
  • Pink, Black or Metal Bags?
  • Boxes, Tubes, Foams, Bubble Wrap
  • Principles for correct handling
  • Ionization
  • Garments


  • Ongoing throughout the session
  • Specific issues that you may have
  • Practical demonstrations to help explain

The Advanced Static Awareness Training Seminar is aimed at ESD Co-ordinators, Supervisors, Engineers, Managers, etc. where a more in-depth understanding of Static Control, setting up and auditing an ESD Protected Area (EPA) is required. Attending the Intermediate Level is recommended before attending this course, because this session builds on the foundation that the Intermediate Level lays. Attendee participation is encouraged and it can last between 3 to 4 hours, including a short break, depending on discussion & involvement.

In both cases, Certificates for "proof of training" can be provided. A PC projector is required at the training facility to run the PowerPoint Presentation.

Based on feedback received from Client Companies that have taken part in our Static Awareness Training Seminars, it is fair to say that employee awareness & appreciation of correct materials & handling procedures is considerably heightened after attending one of our training seminars. Ongoing vigilance and attention to in-house procedures & practices must be maintained in order to obtain the maximum long-term benefit.

Static Awareness is not only of benefit to the Electronics Industry, but the effects of static electricity pervade many industries.  Our Training Seminars can also be provided to cover areas such as plastics, aerosols, medical institutions, offices, pyrotechnics, health & safety and address issues like static shocks, product handling, contamination and even some EMI problems.